event_19979259.jpgOpenDoors is an LGBTQA organization bringing together gay men and women in a supportive, and loving environment to make a true difference within our community. Once a week members get together to eat, play and socialize.  OpenDoors is about making a real impact within our community; from cooking at local hospitals to participating in canned food drives. Membership is all inclusive making it a great place for you to call home. Open Doors AZ, our first branch in Phoenix, Ariz., paved the way in helping members find a sense of community in a healthy supportive environment.

cropped-cropped-rainbow_flag_and_blue_skies33.jpgOpen Doors AZ was founded in December of 2010 by Andrew Jordan Shainker. In the past five years Open Doors AZ has grown to more than 4000 likes on Facebook and more than 1,200 members on Meetup.com. We have hosted over 300 events all with the goal of helping our LGBTQA community get plugged in with a healthier alternative from the typical party scene.




Open Doors Shanghai is a social activity group for gay men and women who live in the fabulous city of Shanghai. Every week 600_436526911Open Doors Shanghai members get together to talk about what it really means to be gay in the forever changing country China. Open Doors Shanghai was founded in December of 2013. In the past two years Open Doors Shanghai has grown to more than 300 members, and has hosted over 60 events.

Open Doors Beijing just opened its doors in November of 2015. In the past few months the group has grown to more than a 100 members and has hosted 25 event in Beijing, China We are excited to join together with some amazing and talented advocates to build branches around the world.

If you to would like too open your own OpenDoors branch please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mission Statement:  Open Doors works to foster healthy, loving relationships within the LGBTQA community across the world, providing guidance, support, and a safe outlet for individuals of all sexual orientations to express themselves. We strive to raise awareness, acceptance, and understanding for the whole LGBTQA community.



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