My name is Andrew Jordan Shainker and I am 28 year old human rights activist that is trying to make a long lasting difference within the gay community here in China. In 2010 I started a group called Open Doors in Phoenix, Arizona that is about building community events for gay men and women founded on the theme of long-lasting friendships.

The group is growing faster than we are, and even has branches in the forever changing landscape of Shanghai, China. In China, this group is one of a kind, and has helped countless gay and bi Chinese men and women feel a part of a growing community of support. Our events are free, but to run them cost valuable resources. Each week I work together with my amazing Open Doors team to put on events from hiking trips to community service opportunities.

All the money it takes to create this group, and its growing branches has always been spent out of my own pocket. I don’t complain about this fact, and I believe this is my true purpose in life. However I decided to start a page to see if I can take our group to the next level!

The money raised will go to the following areas:

+Creating Open Doors Branches Across The GLOBE!
+ Chinese Community Outreach Events
+Weekly Events
+Community Support

I would like to see if we as a community can raise 10,000 USD by June 17th, 2016.

If you believe in me; I promise you I can build a healthy community based stable organization that can provide relief to millions of gay men and women across the globe. The organization has many key members that can use all the support we can get!

When I first came out of the closet at the age of seventeen it was a confusing time. I felt alone, scared and didn’t know who to turn to. Online dating left me feeling alone, and the bar scene did not work for me. I wished and prayed for a group where I could find gay men and women looking to form long lasting bonds. I have found a solution to millions of gay men and women who struggle for authentic connection and a sense of belonging! That solution is Open Doors!
Help Me….Help You!

Love-Andrew Jordan Shainker (Open Doors Founder)


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